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Technically true, but not as good as it sounds. This policy is called the Legacy High Early Cash Value or HECV. For such a low amount paid it would give me peace of mind and joy to know im buying future dollars at a discounted price. Grand Pa gave to all of us. FIRST to read our Latest Articles.

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Once you are past the breakeven point, the efficiency of the SDLIC improves and the cash value growth accelerates.

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Debbie, but the good news is that you have options. Term life gets them the most insurance for the least money. When you are willing to pay interest, you can always borrow, whether from your life insurance policy or from somewhere else.

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When would whole life insurance be a good investment? What assets would be available for your family? Government, the Federal Reserve, and financial institutions. It also helps people understand why sometimes it is preferable to borrow against an asset, rather than liquidate the asset. My experience is that the only WL policies worth keeping are those that were taken out for children who have since grown up. Just as asset class diversification is important, so is tax and risk diversification, which permanent insurance provides. CPAs with detailed knowledge about how these products work and how they benefit clients. Thanks for all the input Jim.

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